Privacy strips zaun|zu PREMIUM

Give your double wire fence a premium look - with the privacy strips zaun|zu PREMIUM

Discover the zaun|zu PREMIUM privacy fence strips - the perfect solution for a stylish and functional privacy fence. With a variety of colors and designs, they allow for individual design and adapt to every taste. High-quality material and careful workmanship guarantee durability and resistance to wind, weather and sunlight. Whether you want to make your fence completely opaque or create specific accents, zaun|zu PREMIUM privacy screens offer a first-class solution. Create an impressive privacy fence that meets the highest standards in terms of both quality and design. Order now and add a touch of elegance and privacy to your garden.


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zaun|zu PREMIUM privacy strips - top quality made in Germany

Are you looking for high-quality privacy protection strips for your double picket fence? Then zaun|zu is just right for you! At Sichtschutzstreifen24 we offer you zaun|zu PREMIUM strips in top quality - Made in Germany. Unlike many inferior products on the market, zaun|zu uses environmentally friendly polypropylene, which is free from toxic plasticizers, for its privacy protection strips. This not only makes the strips safer, but also more durable. They are UV-resistant and retain their color for at least 5 years - guaranteed! And best of all: the high-quality and robust strips do not break, do not crack and are super easy to work with and cut to size. Thanks to the modern, smoothly grained look on both sides, our privacy strips not only look good, but also offer a firm hold in the fence - without any fixing clips. And all "made in Germany"! We are proud to be able to offer absolutely high-quality products that truly deserve the name PREMIUM thanks to constant quality controls and laboratory tests. So what are you waiting for? Get the zaun|zu PREMIUM privacy screen strips now and enjoy the benefits of absolute professional quality!

  • No toxic plasticizers: we use polypropylene (PP) instead of PVC
  • Simple processing, easy to cut
  • Firm hold in the fence without fastening clips thanks to robust material with 1.1 mm thickness
  • Durable and glare-free surface with a modern, smooth grained look on both sides
  • High UV resistance: > guaranteed color stability for 5 years
  • No white cracking
  • Made in Germany

Thanks to constant quality controls and laboratory tests, zaun|zu can offer absolutely high-quality privacy screens that deserve the name PREMIUM.

zaun|zu PREMIUM: Huge selection of different colors and lengths

The first-class zaun|zu PREMIUM privacy strips offer a variety of colors and designs to suit your individual taste and enhance the aesthetics of your fence. As with the other zaun|zu strips in the PREMIUM series, you can choose from a wide range of standard colors. With zaun|zu® you can give your fence an individual touch and design your garden in a unique way. Order now and transform your fence into an impressive eye-catcher that meets the highest standards.

Experience now the zaun|zu PREMIUM privacy strips and give your fence a unique aesthetic and functionality. With the option of combining them with the half, full or perforated strips from the zaun|zu PREMIUM series, you can emphasize your personal style and give your fence an individual touch. Order today and enjoy a privacy fence of the highest quality and appealing design that meets your expectations.

How are the zaun|zu PREMIUM privacy strips installed?

It is very easy to install the zaun|zu PREMIUM privacy strips into the fence. With a little practice, the strips can be attached to the fence in no time at all. If you opt for the privacy strips on a roll or in an individual size, you usually have to cut the strips to size. Sturdy scissors or a cutter knife are suitable for this. It is even easier with the pre-cut strips from the dispenser roll: these have a length of around 255 cm or alternatively 205 cm and in most cases fit into the individual sections of the double picket fence without cutting.

zaun|zu Premium privacy strips for double rail fencing order online now

Discover the best privacy strips for your double picket fence and order them conveniently online now! With our extensive range of high-quality products, you can improve and beautify your privacy and your garden in one step. The premium quality of the privacy strips guarantees a long service life and strong resistance to weathering and UV rays. Order today and enjoy the benefits of a stylish and effective privacy screen for your garden or property!